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0,5 liter still water

Woda niegazowana 0,5 l kuracjusz

Type PET
Capacity 0,5 liter
Type still water
Amount in package 12 pieces
Amount of packages on the layer 19 zgrzewek
Amount of layers 19
Amount of packages on the palette 114 zgrzewek
Amount on the palette 1368
Cations Na+ 100,00 ,Ca²+ 42,08, Mg²+12,15 ,K+  1,00
Anions F -0,10 Cl -  8,86 HCO3 - 378,50  SO42-   46,50


Still water Kuracjusz Beskidzki is perfect for boiling dishes,  making coffee or tea or preparing other drinks because it extracts its excellent flavour. This water is suggested for persons with active life style, who do not like fizzy drinks.