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5 litres still water

Woda 18,9 l niegazowana galon kuracjusz

Capacity 5 liter
Type still water
Amount in package 1
Amount of packages on the layer 36 six packages
Amount of layers 4
Amount of packages on the palette 144 six packages
Amount on the palette 144
Cations Na+ 21,82 ,Ca²+90,18, Mg²+9,72 ,K+ 2,00 ,F²+0,65
Anions F -0,09 Cl -14,50 HCO3 - 319,45  SO42- 28,50


Still water Kuracjusz Beskidzki is provided in 5 litre bottles. It is a spring water with constant composition of minerale. It is drawn directly from underground water intake of the spring called Kuracjusz on the slope ofr the mountain Jasień in Sucha Beskidzka, which guaranties its purity. This water is perfect for boiling dishes, making coffee or tea or preparing other drinks because it extracts flavour. This water is suggested for persons with active life style, who don’t tolerate fizzy drinks.