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The spring water Kuracjusz Beskidzki had been drawn since the 15.century from the spring called Kuracjusz on the slope of the mountain Jasień in Sucha Beskidzka. In 1968 we started to sell it. At the moment one can have on the market 3 types of water „Kuracjusz”: carbonated, still and slightly carbonated. We sell it in packages with the volumen 0,33 l, 0,5 l, 1,5 l i 5 l.


Spring water Kuracjusz Beskidzki posseses rich values for your Heath and is tasty. Water boreing is conducted dunder proper condition which protect water from contamination. It allows preserving In the best way the natural water composition and its property. Moreover, we constantly monitor our water which guaranties the highest quality of our products. What is important, we cooperate with the proven Polish suppliers of packages with the highest quality. The water Kuracjusz Beskidzki posseses the ideal proportions of the most important mineral elements which are needed for the proper functioning of our body. This water is known and valued in the whole country, especially by those who prefer products from good sources with the highest standards and quality.


Kuracjusz Beskidzki cooparates with the Foundation of the development of the cardiac surgery who supports construction of the artificial heart. In 2009 has our company received a prize „Hart for Heart”. The Coalition Quality from the Highlands has awarded us the title „The Medium Entrepreneur of Highlands 2008”. Our company i salso sponsoring  The  International Festival Wratislavia Cantans, which is one of the important festivals in Europe connected with the classical music. Our company supports also local initiatives, cultural programs, sport events and events at schools. Water Kuracjusz Beskidzki is recomanded by the Diabetic "WSD" from Wodzisław Śląski.




We care for the best quality of our products!



  • We constantly analise and prove our products
  • Our water has got ideal proportions of mineral elements.
  • Our water Kuracjusz Beskidzki originates from certificated resources which are geologically isolated.
  • Water is pure in microbiologic way and has got a natural chemical composition.
  • Water is offered in gallons and bottles.


We really care for our customers!


  • We comprehensive supply the drinking water to companies and individuals
  • We always deliver our products on time and good place for customers.
  • In case of breakdown of water distributor we change it with a new one as soon as possible.
  • We offer atractive discounts for our loyal customers.
  • We react quickly to each question of our customers and realise order very quickly.

Drinking water Kuracjusz Beskidzki you can be sure to hale chosen the best quality!