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Woda 18,9 l niegazowana galon kuracjusz

Capacity 18,9 liter
Type Still water in Gallons
Amount in package 1
Amount of packages on the layer 12
Amount of layers 3
Amount of packages on the palette 36
Amount on the palette 36
Cations Na+ 21,82 ,Ca²+90,18, Mg²+9,72 ,K+ 2,00 ,F²+0,65
Anions F -0,09 Cl -14,50 HCO3 - 319,45  SO42- 28,50


Water supply in gallons is an answer for the market Leeds. The new offer of the company Kuracjusz Beskidzki is mainly directed to institutions.


Still water Kuracjusz Beskidzki in gallons is spring water with constant compositiuon of minerals which is drawn from the underground water intake of the spring Kuracjusz on the slope of the mountain Jasień in Sucha Beskidzka, which guaranties its quality and purity.