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1,5 litre lightly carbonated

Woda 1,5 l lekko gazowana kuracjusz

Type PET
Capacity 1,5 liter
Type lightly carbonated
Amount in package 6 pieces
Amount of packeges on the layer 21 Six packeges
Amount of layers 4
Amount of packages on the palette 84 Six packeges
Amounts on the palette 504
Cations Na+ 100,00 ,Ca²+ 42,08, Mg²+12,15 ,K+  1,00
Anions F -0,10 Cl -  8,86 HCO3 - 378,50  SO42-   46,50


Water slightly carbonated is perfect for quenching thirst during the day. This water is suggested for every one in each age. It is especially recommended for children and youth, for elderly people and sportsmen and sportswomen.